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Information Uprising is dedicated to providing real information, from real people, with real experience. Each episode, Jody Spivey interviews key people about topics that include conspiracy, politics, government, UFO's, and more.
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Information Uprising is dedicated to providing real information from real people with real experience. Each episode of our podcast contains information that the public needs to know and may not receive otherwise from the current media.

Take a journey with Jody Spivey as he intimately interviews experts in their fields of research and careers, in order to broaden the playing-field for us all. We at Information Uprising feel that the current media is no longer an unbiased, for the people media. Allow us into your lives, if just for a moment,  to give you, the listener, an inside look into the topics that the powers-that-be do not wish to disclose. 


Aug 6, 2016

In this episode Jody Spivey interviews author Shane Riza where they discuss warfare and the use of robotic warfare by the United States military. Topics of warfare, politics, and the use of drones are are discussed in an informative and challenging interview.